Friday, July 12, 2013

Craftsy"s Bag Making Basics Class

I've been a loyal Craftsy follower for around two years and I have taken so many really great classes.  One of the classes that I love and continue going back to is a free mini class taught by Kristin Link of Sew, Mama, Sew. Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote and Zipper Pouch is a very easy class that any seamstress from the beginner to the advanced can do.

I have made 2 zipper pouches and 3 reversible totes and I know I'll be making a few more! 

Kristin is an excellent teacher and who explains each step of constructing the bag.  Before I had taken this course I had made a couple of tote bags but was never happy with them because they were so flat.  Then I learned about boxing the corners of your bag and how it gives them shape and depth.

My knitting bag
Cute owl nursery print I purchased at Joann's as a remnant.
I also loved the section on making great looking pockets.  On my sewing table I have a vase that holds my straight knitting needles and they definitely came in handy when I was turning the pocket.  I think based on the picture above I did a pretty good job!  

All of the fabric I used to make this bag was from the remnant bin at either Joann's Fabric or Hancock Fabric.  So I think this bag might of cost me no more than $5 or $6.  

MJ's Easter bag or what she now calls her "Church Bag"

Pretty pink liner and handles!
Another great project that Kristin had in this class was how to make a cute zipper pouch to go with your tote.  I made one for myself (holds my embroidery supplies) and one for my mom who at the time was a crocheter and has now changed to knitting.  She says it doesn't aggravate her arthritis in her shoulder.  

I was always scared of doing zippers but after Kristin's class I became so much more confident in sewing zippers.  I felt so confident that I took on a dress pattern for MJ that gave me a fit but she looked so cute in.  The one part of the project that didn't kick my butt was the zipper.  It was Tinker Bell patterned dress but all I'm going to say is that I made some changes to it because some of the cutesy stuff like the flounces on the shoulders got removed and I changed it to straps and used the strap pattern for the tote bag to make the straps. 

Halloween costume I finished the night before we moved
out of our old house.  

My first zipper without wanting to cry!

Probably my straightest zipper!

This pouch is easy to put together.  The whole pouch, just like the tote bag is made up of different sized rectangles.  Both of these projects are so easy that you can make both in just one afternoon.  They are great easy way to make a personalized gift as well as learn new sewing skills. 

Kristin's class is one of the great classes that Craftsy has available.  Their platform is very easy to use whether you are using the app for the Iphone or Ipad or you are watching a class on your computer.  I love how you can take video notes which make it easy to refer back to sections of the video that you might need extra help with on your project.  If you get stuck most classes have a instructor that moderates the discussions and will answer your question in a timely manner.  

Well I should probably get back to the class that I was watching on designing your own handbags by Brett Bara.  I have a thank you gift to make for my older sister!

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