Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tex-Mex Stuffed Peppers

I think my family is a lot like other families in the way that we are trying to eat healthier.  But it's easy to say that you are going to eat healthier but actually doing it is another thing.  I have a brother who was just diagnosed with high cholesterol and has made the decision that he wants to lower it by changing his diet and not through medication.  It's something that I understand and that I applaud.  The next challenge has been what he can eat based on the dietary restrictions his doctor has given him.

It's hard because I am from an family that I swear can't go without a meal of meat and potatoes.  It has really been a challenge for my dad who prides himself on putting together a menu for the week and the shopping list.  Yes you did read that right my dad LOVES to go food shopping and likes to help out by putting together a menu for the week and the shopping list.  I think the hardest part of this for him is that he'll send me his menu that he puts together and I'll go a rework it because I'm trying to help my brother be successful. I know what it's like to have to make a dietary change on my own.  My brother unfortunatley isn't the type of person who can do it on his own.  He needs all of the support that he can and that means that we all have to be a part of it.  It will be good for all of us.  I've always been raised that family takes care of each other and that if one family member needs help than everyone is there for them.

This is a meal that Rambo LOVES!  And I have to admit that I do need to make it more often and that it is very easy to make.  The thing I love so much about it is that it is very easy to change up so that you can use whatever you have on hand.

2 cups Jasmine rice, uncooked
3 cups water
1 lb lean ground beef (an even better choice is ground chicken)
1 (28 oz) can diced tomatoes, drained
1/3 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
1 tbsp mined garlic
1 reduced sodium taco seasoning packet
2/3 cup water
salt and pepper, to taste
1 tsp ground chipotle 
7 green peppers tops cut off and seeds removed
1/2 cup water

1.  Preheat oven to 350*.  In a large saucepan with a lid add rice and 3 cups water.  Bring it to a boil and reduce heat to low and cook for 15-20 minutes or until all the water has been absorbed.

2.  In a skillet over medium heat brown the ground beef cooking it until it is no longer pink.  Add diced tomatoes, taco seasoning, cilantro, 2/3 cup water and chipotle and reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally.

3.  While the beef mix is cooking now would be a good time to prepare the green peppers.  All you need to do is cut the tops off and remove the seeds from the inside.  You want the pepper to act as a cup for the filling.  Don't waste the green pepper from the tops that you cut off.  I like to chop the tops up and add them to a salad to go with dinner.

4.  One the meat mix is finished simmering mix the meat mix in with the rice and mix well!

5.  Put green pepper cups into a casserole dish and fill the cups with the rice and meat mix. 

6. Before you put the dish in the oven add 1/2 cup of water to the dish so that the green peppers are sitting in the water in the dish.  Cover with foil and cook for 30 minutes or until the filling has a crust and green peppers are hot.


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