Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superbowl Chili

In my house for as long as I could remember we have always had a tradition of picking NFL teams and then following that team through the whole season.  The people with the top 3 teams by the Superbowl would get to chose different aspects of Superbowl dinner.  First place has choice of dinner, second place chooses dessert and third place chooses drink.

This is the first year that MJ has really participated and wouldn't you know it one of her teams made it into the Superbowl.  She chose the Ravens and even though the 49ers have the better record than the Ravens Nana who had the 49ers let MJ chose dinner.  Surprisingly she chose for us to have Chili and hot dogs and for her chicken nuggets, applesauce & yogurt.  Like any smart 4 yr old she decided that a vegetable was not necessary.

I'm really not a fan of canned chili because most of the time it tastes so bland!  I like to make it myself because one I can season it the way I want and it doesn't give me heartburn, which is always a good thing!  I always start my chili in the crockpot the day before and finish cooking it the day I serve it because as my dad would say it marinates the flavors.  This is probably the easier one of the chili recipes that I do because the only thing that you have to cut up are some bell peppers and an onion.  So this makes it a pretty easy chili to make and if you are pressed for time you could probably cook it on the stove top in a dutch oven.  I haven't tried it but if you do let me know how it goes.
I have chili theifs in my house so I had to hire a guard ,
My wonderful guard Bandit is easily bought off with kibble and hugs!
Like I said I started this on Saturday night and cooked it for about an hour and then started it cooking again after we got home from Mass and let it cook for about 4.5 hours on low.  I put it in some bowls, topped it with some Tofutti Vegan Sour Cream and a couple slices of Italian bread.  Very very delicious and filling winter dinner!  And the great part is that I make enough for lunch for a couple days during the week.  The only complaint I had when I was making it was from MJ who accused me of not wanting to dance with my lil' Princess Cinderella.  To gain forgiveness I had to promise to make some cookies tomorrow which will be another post.

Pretending her nightgown is Cinderella's dress!
She really looks like her Daddy when she's up to no good!

1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp minced garlic,
1.5 lbs lean ground beef
1 red onion, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
2 green bell peppers, diced
2 cans kidney beans, drained
3 cans Rotel Original diced tomatoes with green chilies (it also comes in hot, mild and medium use whatever you like)
1 (16 oz) can Tomato Sauce
1 jar Pace salsa
2 tsp McCormick Gourmet Spice Chiptole Chili Powder
Salt and Pepper, to taste

1.  In a frying pan over medium heat cook peppers, onion and garlic in olive oil stirring occasionally for about 10 minutes.  You will know it is done when the onions look translucent.  Add this delicious goodness to the crockpot.

2.   Next cook the ground beef breaking the meat up as you stir it cooking until there is no more pink.  Drain the meat before adding it to the crockpot and mix well.

Make sure you stir it really well!

3.  Add kidney beans chipotle and stir well.

4.  Finally add the salsa and Rotel diced tomatoes and mix well.

5. If you are going to start it the day before cover and cook on low for a minimum of an hour and then cook the next day for about 4 or 5 hours on low.  If not cook on low for 4-6 hours or until it is hot and the peppers are soft not gushy!
My pretty new crockpot!

I started it late so I  set it for an hour and then got busy doing something else and didn't
hear the timer go off so it probably cooked for 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

After cooking 6 hrs on Superbowl Sunday.  When I put the chili back into the
crockpot this morning it looked a little dry so I added a can of tomato sauce
and it made the difference!!

Bowl of yummy chili with a dollop of Tofutti Sour Cream and a  the rest of a very very
delicious sandwich called Archie Bunker from New York Deli in Brandywine, MD. I
ate the other half for lunch and just had to save this half to go with my chili!

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