Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grilled Southwest Potato Packets

There is nothing better during the summer than grilling!  I remember growing up whenever we grilled whether it was at my grandparents house or at home there was always a packet of potatoes on the grill. The way that my grandmother made it was by cutting up potatoes and wrapping them in foil along with about a stick of butter, salt and pepper.

MJ & Rambo Myrtle Beach 2011

My brother & MJ, Myrtle Beach 2011

MJ my goofball! There was a song playing that MJ liked so she decided to dance!  Myrtle Beach 2011
I came up with this recipe last year when MJ, Rambo (hubby's army nickname), my brother and I were on vacation in Myrtle Beach.  We had rented a villa on the beach and it was my turn to cook dinner, yes  hubby did cook and it was very good, I decided to cook up some potatoes to go with the round steaks I had planned.  So this recipe was first cooked in a frying pan on the stove top and we all thought it was pretty good.  When we got home I decided that I wanted to try it on the grill in place of the potatoes that we traditionally ate.  I think I originally took the butter out because we were out of it and I only had Country Crock.  It worked there were no crunchy (burned) pieces of potatoes stuck to the foil.  The potatoes came out softer and more flavorful! 

 I am happy to say that these have now become the potatoes that we grill and the others have now become a happy remembrance of the time we had with my grandparents.  Sorry there aren't any measurements for the spices but it's all a matter of taste.


5 lbs red potatoes, diced
4 tbsp Smart Balance Light Dairy Spread
Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle
garlic powder
chipotle chili powder (unless you like it spicy go easy on the chipotle chili powder)

1.  Place half of the potatoes on foil and add seasonings and half of the Smart Balance.

2.  Wrap potatoes in foil and then wrap a second time.  Next repeat steps 1-2 for second packet.  Each packet should have two layers of foil.

3. Start grill and get wait to put potatoes on until grill is at 350*.  Turn packets every 10 minutes making sure to keep temperature stable at 350*.  When I've cooked them it takes about 40 minutes until they are completely cooked.  It's well worth the wait!

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